You’ll play two games of Ultimate each Sunday evening throughout the spring in a competitive yet welcoming environment for all skill levels. Experts and beginners alike can sign up as individuals and get drafted onto a team. Draft is set up to create skill and gender balance among teams.


Please sign up before April 3rd!


Sundays from 4-7pm from April 7th to May 19th (6 weeks)
– Mother’s day (May 12th) will only have games if we have to cancel a prior week due to weather.


Delaney Memorial Park on the South West side of Cedar Rapids


Men $30, Women $20
Jersey is included with entry.


Teams will be created via draft format with gender matching between teams.
2 games to 13 each Sunday at 4 and 5:30.
First week will be a single game to 15 to facilitate meeting the team and teaching.

While we obviously hope to have enough people to play a full 7v7, we have established registration targets and backup plans: 60+ registrants – 4 teams 7v7 50-60 registrants – 4 teams 6v6 30-50 registrants – 4 or 5 teams 4v4 goaltimate

Weather guidelines

We will cancel via email before noon the day of games.
We cancel for:

  • Lightning/storms.
  • Raining and temperature less than 45.
  • Wind greater than 16mph and temperature less than 50.

Wall of text, please read it

From player feedback, our goals this year are:
Facilitating new player learning – We will only be playing one game to 15 the first week to allow for players to get to know their team before hand, and allow for teaching moments. We will be sending out a welcome/learners kit to anybody who indicates they have never played before with some educational material going over terms, and some basic gameplay.
Player involvement – Always try to keep your entire team involved. It’s easy to get into the habit of throwing to the same people you are used to, or the experienced players on the team. Even though this is a league, we ask that you tone down your competitive nature at times and get everyone involved. Making the “right” throw is not always the best for this. Guys, not everyone does this, but make sure to throw to the women on your team.
Player safety – We hope this goes without saying, but we expect everyone to play in a safe manner. Dangerous plays should be called out and discussed (quickly) to ensure the parties involved are aware and can prevent it from happening again. Keep in mind that you may think you are in control of your body, but you don’t know what another player is going to do. When in doubt, error on the side of caution.


We are looking for 2 captains per team (preference is one Male and one Female matching player) that are available to participate in a draft format (April 3rd, or April 5th).

  • Communicate with your teams weekly. Emails for all individuals will be sent out after the draft.
  • Facilitate learning for new players. The captains should be comfortable teaching basic concepts in a calm manner to newer players.
  • Be aware of, call out, and discuss dangerous play, and player involvement.


This event finished on May 19, 2024.

Venue: Delaney Memorial Park

5240 Wilson Ave SW
Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52404

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